Federation of Associations of Maharashtra | ABOUT FAM
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About Us

Founded in 1979, bonding around 700 Associations under its umbrella, the FAM is one of the world’s largest organized bodies of traders, merchants, entrepreneurs and businessmen and is running its 37th year and will be certified to the international Quality Management System ISO 9001 by a certifying body accredited by the Quality Council of India in a few weeks. Millions of rupees flow into the central and state exchequers from the contribution of its members via taxes, levies and duties. The Association of 1 million entrepreneurs that FAM represents in Maharashtra desires to fulfill unmet demands of the common man.


FAM is a confluence of energies of individuals and small groups that are committed to support the mission of recharging our nation and accelerating the pace of economic reforms. The resulting economic prosperity will eventually raise the living standards of the middle and lower classes.  FAM wishes to actualize its dream of a resurgent, prosperous and super-industrialized Maharashtra state.



There are several obstacles which thwart economic growth because of the historical mismatch in the thinking of business and government. The business community has always faced resistance from the ruling dispensation, considered a soft-target for attack by all those in power, as well as the common citizens. This, despite the fact that right from inception of civilization, it is the business community that has bailed out the rulers of various times from excruciating circumstances. A glaring example is the sacrifice made by the businessman Bhamashah in protecting the state of Marwar when he offered all his wealth at the feet of Maharana Pratap before the decisive Haldi Ghati battle.


FAM has advocated enabling measures such as octroi abolishment, easing excise policies for textiles, relocation of markets such as APMC to better locations. excise problems for textiles.

Story of FAM’s inception


FAM was conceived for the noble purpose of serving society by all those who have the power to influence – businessmen and policy-makers have historically been collaborators in the progress of society. When these two forces join hands, miracles are possible. In order to ensure that such miracles for the benefit of society happen, the Federation of Associations of Maharashtra was founded by  Mr. Lalitbhai Mehta and Navneet lal Lalubhai Shah in 1979 as an organization of common traders, transporters, small scale industry (SSI) owners. In those initial days, the Federation was functioning from Mulji Jethaji market, Kapad Bazaar Mumbai Textile Merchants’ Mahajan Hall.


Sh.Surendra Savai, Chairman Emirates has always played the patriarch’s role in developing FAM from a formal organization to a powerful group of  the business community, empowering it always to fight injustice against the business community.

After the migration of Sh.Lalit Mehta to the U.S.A an year later, Sh. C.K.Thakkar took over the reins.

He was followed by Sh Krishnakant Nanubhai Patel who reigned for 7 years.Then came Sh. Surendra Savai who  led the organization for 2 years followed by Sh Mohan Gurnani who will be remembered for his eventful 10 years.

The current President is Sh Vinesh Mehta and Surendrabhai continues as the patriarch to guide and inspire the Committee.


Vineshbhai has the humongous responsibility of infusing fresh energy into the organization and has pledged to take FAM to new heights. The primary tasks he intends to accomplish are:

Foster representation of members in Committees and policy-making of government; support government in creating a business-friendly environment

Resolve problems, grievances, and issues of member Associations with government.


When one million entrepreneurs focus their resources and energies into the task of manifesting economic prosperity for society, it is not difficult to imagine that the day is not far off when FAM will be counted as the world’s largest body of businessmen working hand in hand for a better collaboration between government, business and society.

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